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Our Services

We are sherpas bringing the research insights, guidance, development, and tools to outfit you for your journey, and to build lasting relational excellence capabilities in your organization.

Our client engagement model utilizes a reliable and proven transformation framework that mitigates risks, builds meaningful wins, and enables Relations Research clients to enjoy the power of mutually accountable relationships.

Relational Insights and Vigilance

Our human science experts will serve as your Relations Sentry™,  monitoring your important business relations, and providing regular health reports to reveal any changes, lurking vulnerabilities or opportunities.  Early signals = Faster Responses


We stand ready to serve as neutral, unbiased diagnosticians to help you accurately diagnose and remedy problems in roles and relationships that require fresh eyes and creative solutions.

Optimizing Work Design

Generative AI is more than a technology, it’s a way to extend knowledge and human capabilities within every work role.  We can provide the architectural guidance to enable you to design work that is coherent with your strategy, that provides a competitive advantage with talent, and well-utilizes human and/or human+AI capabilities.

Relations Management Software Platforms

Our software puts vital instrumentation directly into the hands of relationship constituents to aid awareness, improvement communication, amplify voice and agency, aid decisions, and squash dangerous assumptions.   

Training and Development

Want to build your organization's business relationship management competence?  We can help you install greater discipline and professionalism in how relationships are designed, remedied and stewarded.  We'll provide solutions customized to your needs.

Organizational Change Leadership Expertise

We’ll make sure that the most crucial aspect of your change effort is on solid ground—the relationships you are depending on to champion the change, execute the change, and sustain the change.

“The least questioned assumptions are often the most questionable."

- 19th century anthropologist
Paul Broca

Harvest More Value

Every business relationship exists to achieve a purpose.  What are the measurable yields that show whether you’re achieving your purpose or veering off track?  What yields do you seek and what unintended yields do you wish to avoid?


Speak with us to learn about practical applications for…


• Merger Success

• Harvesting Innovation


• Avoiding Transformation Failures


• Maintaining healthy organizational cultures and constructive team dynamics


• Supply Chain Resiliency


• Customer Relationship Durability


• Symbiotic and Mutually Accountable Relationships with Talent

Unleashing Talent

The world of work is shifting in dramatic ways, and we need to rethink old paradigms and move to new models that generate more value for businesses and the talent they employ.  High quality talent relationships are foundational to successfully navigating change and for betterment in other stakeholder relationships such as customer and suppliers.

Relationships are complex, but they don’t have to be unpredictable.

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