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Healthy organizations deliver roughly 3x the returns to shareholders than unhealthy organizations

    – McKinsey “Organizational Health – A Fast Track to Performance Improvement"  Sept 2017

What if business critical relationships were managed as carefully as your P&L?

Organizational health can be no better than the health of relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. 


Healthy relationships are resilient, productive, durable, rooted in mutual accountability, and aligned around a common purpose.  

4 essential factors for outfitting and improving crucial relationships within the enterprise and beyond

Human relationships are a powerful “engine” of execution…they are also messy, complex, and unpredictable.


We offer breakthrough innovation in design, communications, and predictability within crucial relationships.

Achieving Predictable Success and

Avoiding Relationship Failures


When a relationship has high-stakes, whether it be a partnership, customer, supplier, or any other important stakeholder, you want to be diligent about keeping relationship quality high.  Important relationships can be constructed and maintained so that they are fruitful, predictable, dependable and enduring.


To learn more about the means and methods of forming resilient, productive relationships, download The Durable Relationship white paper.

Parallel Lines

Harvesting Optimal Gains from Every Work Relationship


We equip organizational constituents with Super-Vision: predictive maintenance to continuously illuminate the quality and conditions of talent relationships within your mission-critical roles. Where people are essential to execution of the strategy, maintaining quality work relationships is an imperative.  Gone are the days when leaders could rely on authority and commands to get business agendas accomplished.

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Crucial Relationships

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