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Everything Important in Business Depends on Relationships

We help you be more vigilant, see lurking risks, and discover new opportunities in your important business relations, so that you can enjoy more resiliency and success with your suppliers, workforce, customers, and strategic partners.

Vigilance is a strategic weapon

Organizations that are vigilant — and responsive to changes in their business environment — see higher increases in their market capitalization than those that are not.

Improving Visibility

Are you “data rich but insights poor?”  Our promise to you:  making sense of the dynamics at play in your mission-critical relationships, reducing surprises, and making sure you’re never flying in the fog.

Designing for Resiliency

Most relationship failures are preventable.  We help you uncover parties’ motivations and expectations that rarely are considered when forming new business relationships you’re depending upon to be enduring.

Conserving Attention

Your team already has many demands on their time and attention.  We give you extra bandwidth, and an expert research team who can provide you with regular insights and recommendations for keeping your supply chains, workforces, and partnerships healthy and productive.

Building Competence

Given the high-stakes of key supply chain, customer and talent relationships, relationship mastery is increasingly a must-have skillset for supply chain executives, account managers, people leaders, transformation leaders…almost everyone is a ‘relationship manager’ in businesses today.

Hope is not a Strategy,

Always Vigilant Is.

Great companies are already applying vigilance to monitor for emerging competitive threats and to anticipate disruptive events… why not relational vigilance?  How many failed transformations would have had a different outcome with an underpinning of less brittle, more resilient stakeholder relationships?


Every business strategy resides on a foundation of crucial relationships– often a complex web of institutional and interpersonal relations, each with multiple dimensions that are always in motion.   Early identification of hairline fractures in any of these strategically important relations before they become cracks in the foundation is a daunting task for even the most vigilant leader.  Relations Research brings expertise, structure, and tools to master the messiness and complexity of important relationships in your ecosystem.

Outfitting for Crucial Business Relations


Guiding Principles/Structure

For making the diagnostics, design and measurement of relations manageable.


Reliable Instrumentation

For illuminating the bilateral realities within relations.


Tools for Empowering Each Party

For party's improved awareness, design-making and agency.


3rd Party Neutrality
and Support

For unbiased diagnostics, remedies and mediation.

“Success breeds complacency.  Complacency breeds failure.  Only the paranoid survive.”
– Andy Grove

These kinds of initiatives begin with the leaders who are the architects of their organization’s future—those who are confident, humble, and determined.  Curious?  Let’s have a collaborative dialog to see where relational vigilance could benefit your transformation or strategic objectives.

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