Know and Maintain the Quality of Your Relationships with Talent

If your business strategy depends upon attracting and achieving optimal results with great talent, it’s vitally important to take the guesswork out of relationships.  Too often, parties rely on assumptions about relationship quality and end up surprised.  The good news:  we can arm supervisors, managers, leaders and HR with actionable, ongoing insights about each individual relationship in order unleash the greatest potential from each person because “retention” is far too low a bar.  Likewise, individuals can be more empowered in their roles and in navigating their careers.  Relationships are complex, but they don’t have to be unpredictable.

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Prevent Failures in Key Stakeholder Relationships 

Certain business, commercial, or institutional affiliations are considered to be vital, mission-critical, or essential.  Such relationships often have a need to be enduring and have relatively high takes for at least one of the parties. 


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Apply Design Thinking to Improve Execution Results

In order to dramatically improve your odds of successfully achieving any business agenda or transformation, the design of organizational structures, teams and roles must be strategically coherent.  These blueprints must evolve and keep up as strategies and objectives change over time.  When roles are disconnected from strategy, you end up with talented people working hard in their roles on the wrong priorities and frustration and wasted productivity ensue.  Further, when roles are not designed to encompass talent realities, you end up with chronically hard to fill openings and dissatisfied workers.

Thought Leadership

The Relations Research team has extensive experience and formidable bodies of knowledge on relational factors in the workplace, professions, and industries.  We’re committed to bringing greater awareness, expertise and applied science to help individuals and businesses more predictably achieve success in their crucial relationships.

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