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Relations Research is dedicated to ongoing innovation and advancement of crucial relationships between individuals, organizations and institutions.  AI and machines increasingly play a greater role in society, the world is becoming ever more connected, and the manner in which we work with talent, ecosystem partners and customers is fundamentally changing…there’s a growing need for reliable means and methods to form and sustain durable relations to achieve significant agendas and strategies.  


Our work resides upon a foundation of decades of research, development and customer engagements across a spectrum of organizations from complex healthcare organizations, large-scale retail, manufacturing operations, governmental agencies and technology firms. 

Danny McCall

Danny is the original CEO, founder, inventor, and thought leader of Relations Research; Relations Research is the brainchild of Danny’s work.  Danny has led research and development in the betterment of workplace relationships since the late 1980s.  During this period of diligent investigation, he’s made many important discoveries leading to extensive new bodies of knowledge known as Work Role Yields Management™ and Durable Relationship Operating Principles™.  His inventions and innovative methods have grown into solutions for both organizations and working persons through a variety of business initiatives. 


During his eclectic career, Danny has held many leadership and founding positions resting upon a broad foundation of personal experience inclusive of information systems, psychometrics, computer hardware and software, digital interactive photography, digital user interface, heavy truck engineering, commercial sales management, energy, industrial motors and control systems and military intelligence technologies. He holds various patents and has been honored with numerous awards. A few examples: North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year, Herrmann International's Big Thinker, Discover Magazine's annual "Discover Award", the US Department of Energy's national award for energy innovation and Human Resource Executive magazine's national top award for human resources product innovation. His background encompasses corporate, entrepreneurial, government and community service activities in private and government sectors within large and small organizational environments. Danny is the author of  Work Role Yields Management, Career Fulcrum, Talent Steward Primer, Work's A We Thing and Hiring Wisdom.

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Kimberly Evans

Kimberly serves as the CEO of Relations Research. She has extensive experience advising clients and leading client implementation teams around strategy execution, performance improvement, organization design and development, enterprise innovation, and cultural transformations.  With her unique combination of leadership skills and wide-ranging systems design backgrounds, Kimberly has been fortunate to play key roles in a number of entrepreneurial ventures.  In her downtime, Kimberly enjoys adventure travel, planning and preparing interesting dinners for friends and family, and watching her son play soccer.


Kimberly is a proud Hokie, having received her masters and undergrad engineering degrees at VA Tech.

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Robb Dean

Robb has over 25 years of achievements in leading and inspiring creative and technical teams to develop innovative design solutions, from broad concept development through implementation.  He has comprehensive experience in strategy, design, development, advertising, marketing and communications.  When not at work, Robb can be found hanging out with his family or on the pitch coaching his son and daughter’s soccer teams.

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“Relations Research has been our trusted business partner for many years.  I’ve relied upon their guidance and thought-leadership to solve our most pressing business challenges.  Our leaders have been able to apply their methods and software for improving performance and communication within reporting relationships to completely turn around lowest performing markets into top 5 in terms of sales, quality, and customer service.”

  Mike Peerson 

Office of Strategic Management 

Fortune 50 Retailer

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