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Research as a Service

"A conclusion is where you got tired of thinking."- Martin H. Fisher

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Leader Engagement Director


Through research, determine the most optimal leaders, markets, and contexts for RR to direct its attention to market segments, research, innovation, and product development.

  • Report patterns and learnings from research to RR so that helps us hone our market segments attention, our contexts attention, and our product development  and innovation attention.

  • Regularly forage market information and relevant publications so as to identify the leaders that we think will be the most fertile and accessible.

  • Ideation to improve the research aspects of this role.


Build initial relationships with identified optimal leaders who are primed to say yes now, or yes later.

  • Conduct outreach in a tailored, empathetic manner to gain the leaders attention.

  • Introduce who we are and establish context.  Learn from the leader what relationships they view as most crucial to their business.  Ask provocative questions as the means to ignite their interest and imagination in having more relationship durability and better relationship stewardship.

  • Superb introduction of the leader to the most optimal conversationalist for that particular CEO.

  • Ideation to improve ways in which we build initial relationships with leaders.

Client Relations Director


Develop new client relationships by conducting leader conversations to take leaders from interest to collaboration (initiation of CORE-BAC)

  • Conduct a highly engaging, intellectually stimulating conversation that stirs the leader’s imagination regarding the threats and opportunities in their business critical relationships.

  • Gain the leader’s commitment to move into collaboration by earning their confidence, providing effective guidance and encouragement, and handling objectives.

  • Serve as primary steward of the leader relationship.

  • Ideation.

  • Explain why starting with talent relationships is optimal, for this is where the organization has the most authority (they own the work roles), can achieve the fastest win, and improving talent relationships positively impacts other relationships.

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